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Friday, April 12th at The Iberian Rooster! 

Lovers of Freestyle Music and Everything else the 80s and 90s gave us, this is the party for you!
We are going back in time and partying with  DJ Speedy Jr as he spins all your favorites..
Lisa Lisa then a little bit of  Come On Eileen to be followed with a little Cyndi Lauper..You get the vibe!
Neon and whole a lot of Purple Rain is always Welcome! If you arrive Hungry Like The Wolf there is some great food awaiting for you at The Iberian Rooster!
Party Starts at 9pm!
Cover is $10 all night long.....
Let's Spread the Word and Enjoy some great Bacardi Mixed Drinks all night long!
For Reservations and Information please call 813-508-3544!
It never gets old to say that We are going to Party like it's 1999...While Living on a Prayer! Ok, I will stop. See you there....

Subcentral at The Iberian Rooster
475 Central Avenue
St. Petersburg, FL!